Things to Consider When Transplanting Fruit Trees

One of the best ways to improve your property is to have a fruit tree in your yard where you can grab a juicy ripe apple or peach.  

However, planting trees properly is a crucial step if you want to get excellent fruit production and grow a healthy tree. Oftentimes, you’ve got to move a tree to accommodate changes in your lawn or find an ideal spot for your fruit tree.  

Luckily, transplanting fruit trees can be extremely easy. This is particularly true if you know what you’re doing. 

Aside from hiring a tree removal Canberra company to help you with the removal of the tree, here are several things you should consider when transplanting fruit trees: 

Mistakes to Avoid 

Do you know how to transplant fruit trees? Keep in mind that you can make the process a lot easier if you prepare and plan properly.  

There are a couple of mistakes you need to avoid as well. Doing so will help you prevent headaches or stress during the process.  

  • Don’t forget to mulch. Mulching can help guarantee your soil preserves moisture. 
  • Do not transfer the tree to a soil that is not well-drained. This is one of the main reasons why fruit trees die. Loam and sandy soils are ideal for fruit trees since they drain properly. You can also use clay soil. However, make sure the water drains off of it within 1-2 days after irrigation or rainfall. If the soil stays wet for a long period, it can lead to fungal diseases.  
  • Don’t ignore the health of the soil. You’ve got to ensure the soil is filled with organic matter. Professionals recommend you fertilize the soil at least twice a year. This will help your fruit tree to survive.  
  • Don’t transplant during the wrong season. Keep in mind that you need to transplant fruit trees during the best season to prevent shock.  
  • Plan properly. First, you need to research the type of fruit tree you have and choose the correct spot carefully. Hire a professional tree removal Canberra company for help.  

How to Lower Transplant Shock 

Just like a person moving from one house to another, there is a bit of stress involved in transplanting trees.  

For a fruit tree, it’s stressful for it to lose a couple of roots and move to a new environment. This is called transplant shock.  

However, there are a couple of things you can do to lower the possibility of transplant shock. This includes: 

  • Add 2-4 inches of mulch layer. Make sure you apply it from the base of the tree to the outermost leaves. Make sure you leave a buffer between the trunk base and the mulch.  
  • Water trees thoroughly after planting. They require 1 inch of water every week. You should not let the soil dry out.  
  • Don’t cut more roots than needed when you transplant the fruit tree
  • Prepare a well-designed irrigation system. 
  • You’ve got to ensure your new spot has excellent drainage.  
  • Add compost to the soil if necessary.  

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